Gartner Data Center Conference- Day 1 Recap

Posted 12.07.10 in Announcements by Nlyte Software

Day 1 at Gartner IT Summit in Las Vegas, yesterday, provided an array of interesting topics and statistics.  The show was kicked off with a series of keynote addresses by Gartner analysts.  In Joseph Baylock’s (GVP, Gartner) opening session he conducted a live electronic poll of the roughly 2,000 people in attendance and reported in real-time, that the #1 issue faced by the data center today is management of power, cooling and space. Despite the hype in the industry, this was ahead of people who were concerned about cloud-based initiatives which sat at just 16%. 

This was followed up by Dave Cappuccio (VP & Chief of Research, Gartner) laying out the top 10 trends to watch:

1. Virtualization is Just Beginning

2. Big Data is on the Rise

3. Energy Efficiency

4. Unified Communications and Collaboration

5. Workforce Development and Retention

6. Social Networking

7. Migrations for Windows and Microsoft Office

8. Data Center Density

9. Cloud Computing

10. Fabric Convergence

One of these trends that caught our eye was Energy Efficiency & Monitoring. He mentioned that data centers today consume 40 to 100 times more energy than the offices they support and that consequently monitoring and reporting on energy consumption will become expected by 2012.  Data center professionals will have to adapt to the changing environments and incorporate a solution to optimally manage their power, cooling and space requirements. 

The day proceeded with a host of breakout sessions, vender expo and the day’s closing remarks.  Day 1 provided data center professionals with an array of interesting topics to consider regarding their data centers and we are back at Caesar’s Palace for day 2.

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