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Dan Woods is on a mission to help people find the technology they need to succeed. Dan seeks to fulfill this mission by working as an analyst, writer, and explainer, who aspires to live the examined life in technology.

Dan’s journalism and research seeks to understand and explain how technology makes people more effective in achieving their goals. His strong belief is that we are at the threshold of a golden age of IT, in which the promise of gaining value from technology will be fulfilled, breaking free of many past frustrations.

Dan pursues this mission as an analyst who performs research, consulting, and speaking. Dan publishes his findings in Forbes.com and on his own site CITOResearch.com

Dan also helps vendors find the right customers using content marketing. Based on his background as a a CTO and journalist, Dan brings principles of software development to the practice of content creation. The result is Evolved Media, a purpose-built newsroom for content marketing for B2B technology companies. For startups, growing companies, and large organizations, Evolved Media creates streams of content used for blogs and contributed articles, as well as white papers, infographics, comic books, webinars, videos, and books. Evolved Media has created more than 25 books.

Dan is excitable, fun to talk to, loves food, music, stories, and almost any nerdy pursuit. Give him a call.

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