Introducing Nlyte Discovery – for Improved Cybersecurity and Efficiency

Mark Gaydos

Posted 10.03.17 in Announcements by Mark Gaydos

How many devices are connected to your network?

How many? Wow!!!

So, what do you know about these devices?

That’s why we are releasing Nlyte Discovery.

Now you can use Nlyte Discovery to automatically collect and report detailed information about every single device connected to your network. This agentless, proprietary tool automates the process of IT inventory discovery, reducing both costs and errors.

And when we say every networked device, we mean every single one. Nlyte Discovery is protocol, platform and vendor agnostic, and inventories hardware, software, configuration, and networking devices and then normalizes the information, presenting it in a single application. It’s also highly scalable to accommodate large enterprises.  Now your IT team, using the real-time discovered information, can identify zombie servers and/or “unknown” assets operating on your network and capture critical information about firmware patches and software to help identify potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  Now that’s critical, since no organization wants to make headline news for having been “hacked” because hardware did not have the latest firmware or software patch.

And of course, Nlyte Discovery integrates easily with the Nlyte Suite of DCIM Solutions, and all other enterprise applications.

We can’t wait to show you all the unique features of Nlyte Discovery – in a guided tour.

Learn more about Nlyte Discovery in our Product Overview here.

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