The DCOI Biannual Report Card Is Out – Nlyte Helps Agencies Up Their Grades

Mark Gaydos

Posted 07.27.17 in Data Center Efficiencies by Mark Gaydos

Recently, the Biannual FITARA Scorecard 4.0 was released. This year, 24 government agencies were evaluated and although five scores went down, four agency scores improved and the remaining agencies’ grades did not change.

This is all very encouraging news. But in the all-important category of Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) there is still room for improvement. Government agencies have been mandated by the DCOI to use Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software to meet the three main optimization goals: optimization, cost savings, and reduction of data centers.

Nlyte’s DCIM for DCOI has become the solution of choice for federal agencies wanting to meet the DCOI mandated goals.  Here are just a few DCIM benefits that can help make an immediate impact and raise those grades:

Data Center Optimization

To make sure you’re using your power, space, servers and cooling in the most effective manner possible, you’ve got to track them. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. A DCIM solution puts asset and energy information at your fingertips, so that improvements can be made easily and safely. The ability to perform “What If?” tests, before rearranging, consolidating or retiring equipment or moving load, allows data center managers to be confident in the changes they are making. With Nlyte’s purpose built DCOI dashboard, data center managers can easily report on actual performance in all the DCOI metrics and forecast when the mandates will be achieved. Once you’ve optimized your physical layer you can move on to virtualization for further cost savings.

Cost Savings and Avoidance

A DCIM solution helps save on costs the minute it is up and running. Instead of your IT and Facilities staff working in separate silos, disconnected from one another, DCIM gives your staff a single pane of glass containing all the vital information they need to run the data center efficiently as well as:

  • Robust capacity planning allowing data center managers to right size their facility and avoid overprovisioning.
  • Eliminating manual checking of capacity and power usage — the DCIM solution lets the staff confirm where new equipment can be safely placed – all at the click of a mouse.
  • The ability to perform power failure simulation circumvents costly unplanned downtime.
  • Built-in automated reports and analytics allow the recording of costs savings for reporting purposes.

Closing Data Centers

By tracking and reporting on capacity within the data centers, DCIM allows you to find underutilized equipment, power and space, enabling consolidation and revealing facilities that may be good candidates for closure. Using Nlyte’s Dock to Decomm (loading dock to decommissioning) lifecycle management, staff can uncover equipment too old to be economically feasible, ready to be retired.

With Nlyte’s solution offerings, all federal agencies can meet the mandated DCOI compliance goals on time – and make the grade. Tap into these valuable resources from Nlyte to start on your path to DCOI success:

Federal Page

DCOI Video

DCOI for Dummies e-book

DCOI White Paper

Government Case Study

DCOI Infographic

Don’t wait any longer. Contact your Nlyte representative for more information and schedule a demonstration on how Nlyte DCOI modules can up your game and help you ace that grade.


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