What is DCOI & How Does It Effect Energy Efficiency?

Mark Gaydos

Posted 09.07.16 in Data Center Efficiencies by Mark Gaydos

What is DCOI?

Many people ask: “What is DCOI?”

The answer is, “Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI).”

DCOI is a government mandate that requires federal data centers to become more energy efficient. Federal agencies are obligated to develop and report on data center strategies to consolidate inefficient infrastructures, optimize existing facilities, achieve costs savings and transition to more efficient infrastructures, such as cloud and shared services.

DCOI’s Three Main Goals include:

  1. Data Center Optimization
  2. Cost Savings and Avoidance
  3. Closing Data Centers

DCOI also stipulates the adoption of a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system to automate and replace the current manual methods of monitoring and managing facilities’ power use, as well as provide proof that data center energy efficiency goals are being achieved. To help comply with DCOI mandates and prove efficiency goals are met, Nlyte provides 5 DCOI optimization metrics:

  1. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)
  2. Energy Metering
  3. Virtualization
  4. Server Utilization and Automated Monitoring
  5. Facilities Utilization

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Policy Adviser Sean Casey states, “Over the course of the initiative, by the end of FY18, we will target a $1.4 billion reduction in annual spending attributable to physical data centers. As agencies ramp up and work to achieve that reduction, cumulatively, over the three-year initiative, we will save approximately $2.4 billion.”

DCIM is vital to achieving the data center optimization goals stipulated by the Federal Government in DCOI

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