The Justification of DCIM

Posted 09.02.15 in DCIM Strategy by Nlyte Software

Summer is over and we are heading into the busy work season. Granted working in a data center is always busy, but the last few months of the year tends to see an increase of projects as data center managers prepare for the New Year. 

Working in a data center is a tall task, especially if you don’t have the right tools to optimize your data center’s efficiency. Managing a complex data center infrastructure is difficult, especially if you are using spreadsheets. That is where data center infrastructure management (DCIM) comes in.

The Nlyte team recently took the time to ask our community of data center managers and IT professionals the following question:

  • What was the primary justification for deploying DCIM in their data center?

Here are their responses:

  • “Because I’m sick of spreadsheets. Mind you the BDM is a bloody big complicated spreadsheet. Living proof you can’t get away from this stuff.”
  • “Data quality management”
  • “24/7 data collection and monitoring. Constant improvements in quality.”
  • “Data quality management in one tool.”
  • “We are a 24/7 business and when something is down we need to be able to find it ASAP. Second, we pay a lot for our data center space and power. We need to make sure we are using it to our advantage and we are not paying for power we do not currently need. We also need to make informed decisions when we plan changes. We need to know what we have or will need when we implement these ideas.”

As you can see we received some inspiring answers! Thanks to everyone who submitted a response.  Data center managers are constantly working to ensure the data center is running efficiently. Nlyte is here to help. The more holistically you can manage your IT and data center infrastructure, the better you can manage risk and cost.

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