What is DCSM & How Does It Work?

Mark Gaydos

Posted 08.18.16 in DCSM Strategy by Mark Gaydos

What is DCSM?

Many people ask: “What is DCSM?”

The answer is, “Data Center Service Management (DCSM).”

DCSM is a software solution that helps data center operators automate the management of all elements that are part of the service they provide.

The foundation of a DCSM solution is Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). DCIM is a software solution that allows data center operators to manage the physical infrastructure of a data center and optimize its ongoing operation. As a software suite that bridges the traditional gap between IT and the facilities groups, DCIM reduces computing costs while making it easier to quickly support new applications and other business requirements.

DCSM augments DCIM by providing a workflow manager that helps manage processes and people within the data center. It also integrates all these processes and information with other IT systems that are dependent on the data center, such as ITSM solutions.

Many physical data center workflows occur outside of your ITSM (IT Service Management) and ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) processes. DCSM helps:

  • Deliver cost effective SLAs.
  • Keep ITSM systems information accurate.
  • Streamline processes.
  • Better measure efficiency and costs by improving your ITSM connection with the data center.

According to Andy Lawrence, VP of Research, Data Center Technology at 451 Research: “The next big step in the evolution and deployment of ITSM and DCIM is for them to be tied closely together, with DCIM integrated as a component of, or complement to ITSM…When you combine these systems, you create end-to-end DCSM, which is the end game for companies looking to optimize their data centers and build an efficient and reliable foundation for service delivery.”

So DCSM is really much more than just overseeing data center infrastructure; it’s about cost effectively managing all the services the data center provides.

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