Construction Partners with Vendor Community

Posted 12.12.11 in Announcements by Nlyte Software

Here is a trend to consider: Construction companies are partnering with technology providers to provide more enhanced solutions and services to the owner community. Through these partnerships, intelligent controls and software platforms will give owners and operators more functionality throughout the lifecycle of a building.

For example, this week, Skanska USA Building,, Stockholm, Sweden, announced a partnership with nlyte Software,, Menlo Park, Calif., a provider of DCIM (data center infrastructure management) software.

When constructing mission critical facilities and data centers for financial, pharmaceutical, broadcast, telecommunications, retail, and entertainment industries, Skanska will now integrate nlyte’s software into its data center intelligence platform. The nlyte DCIM solution provides predictive intelligence and controls to reduce risk and manage data centers more efficiently.

The end result will decrease business risk and expense caused by downtime and catastrophic failure, improve operational performance, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Jakob Carnemark, senior vice president, Skanska, says as the need for data center capacity increases and ongoing management costs are at risk of rising, including this suite as part of the data center offering will help clients in the long run.

Through this partnership with a software provider, Skanska has developed a competitive advantage in the marketplace by providing owners with the technology to more effectively manage data centers…

Article taken from Constructech Magazine. Go here to read the full article.

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