Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) in Small to Medium Data Centers

Posted 07.21.11 in Nlyte Guest Blog by Nlyte Software

By Nathan Weiss, IDMWORKS

Last week I was interviewed by a reporter from about why IDMWORKS is having success with DCIM solutions in small to midsized data centers (20-100 cabinets). Although there are a multitude of benefits associated with implementing a DCIM solution, most (DCIM) companies are focusing solely on the enterprise market. Until recently that has been a major disadvantage for organizations in the small to mid size space that have some of the same needs, just on a smaller scale.  DCIM solutions as a planning tool can provide a real world proof of concept that will give clients the confidence to implement and utilize a DCIM solution for their Data Center Infrastructure Management needs. SME and Enterprise clients should both benefit from the value these solutions can provide when integrated with migration or consolidation projects.

IDMWorks’ Data Center Migration team is certified by several of the industry leading DCIM solution providers. We have put our time and experience tested twist on how we deliver our services and how we believe DCIM solutions should be positioned in the data center space.

The Data Center Migration team specializes in migration planning. The evolution of our process has taken us from homegrown proprietary tools to the use of DCIM solutions during our engagements that provide strong benefits and features than we could not have offered years ago. Traditional methods would have the client going back to documenting their hardware and application inventories and circuit and connectivity in spreadsheets, Visio and CAD.  The reality is once clients see the value that the DCIM solutions provide, and have worked with the product throughout a migration, the thought of going back to the old way of managing their the environment is not appealing.   Additionally we do not utilize the typical auto-discovery features built into the DCIM solutions we work with as we have found there is much greater value derived in the manual process we deploy (basically the auto-mated processes give customers the bare minimum or less needed to have a successful engagement), and that most clients are reluctant to allow these applications to perform their auto-discovery functions on their networks (as to do so violates many tried and true network IT security principles).

No matter what the size of your organization is there are quantifiable benefits from utilizing DCIM solutions for planning, modeling, and scheduling an efficient equipment migration. Once the migration is complete, our team can install a fully populated DCIM solution for a client to use.

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