Power Management for the CIO

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I recently had an insightful interview with Dan Woods, CTO, Chief Editor/Analyst, and Founder of Evolved Media, as well as a columnist for JargonSpy on Forbes.com.  Of the many topics we discussed, data center issues seemed to lead back to power management in the data center.  The role of a CIO has increased in prevalence from simply keeping the lights on to finding the best strategies to drive down cost in every area of the organization.  One of the main cost guzzlers is the power bill of the data center.  In Wood’s most recent article on Forbes.com, Power Management Questions for Every CIO, he discusses 11 questions that every CIO should be able to answer. In his article he quotes,” Right now, the cost of buying servers is the largest data center expense, and power comes second, accounting for around 40 percent of operational costs. Research suggests that as soon as 2014, power could be first. Whether or not cap and trade becomes law, green and sustainability initiatives are underway in virtually every company. Chief Sustainability Officers are asking the CIO to account for the IT department’s use of carbon.”

Data centers have always used massive amounts of energy, but the rising cost of energy, along with the expanding data center infrastructure, is forcing managers to think about how to more efficiently run their data centers.

Gartner reports that data center infrastructure management (DCIM) has already been proven to reduce operating expenses by as much as 20%. Other research has shown that DCIM solutions can reduce the time to deploy new assets by up to 50%, extend the life of a data center by up to five years and help attain a power usage effectiveness of 2.0 or less. In today’s resource and dollar-constrained world, this is a critical opportunity that CIOs need to recognize and act upon.

The DCIM Solution

Infrastructure and operations leaders must now go beyond performance management of IT equipment and begin to manage the entire data center infrastructure.  DCIM solutions enable intelligent capacity planning resulting in the most efficient use of power, cooling and space through the optimal placement of data center assets, supporting more efficient, cost-effective and greener environments. 

Because companies need to rein in energy costs for environmental initiatives and/or economics, and managers need to drive efficiency in data centers, deploying DCIM solutions in the data center is beneficial to all parties.

Click here to read more on Dan Wood’s article, Power Management Questions for Every CIO.

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