TMC and nlyte Software discuss DCIM

Posted 09.12.11 in View from the Top by Nlyte Software

I recently met up with Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, where we discussed the state of the market for data center infrastructure management (DCIM). It is an exciting time to be in the space as organizations are seeing the hassle of their manual tools – spreadsheets and Visio diagrams – for managing complex data centers and are looking for automated solutions. Looming projects, such as consolidations and migrations, need a solution for the data center manager to be able to know exactly what they have and where each asset is located. Especially as companies begin migrating to the cloud and are managing their assets remotely, a DCIM solution gives them the tools to manage their infrastructure without having to physically be on the floor. Watch the video below where we discuss the state of the DCIM market.


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