10 Great Entrepreneurial Places to Work

New York Enterprise Report

By Staff

What makes a business a great place to work and what makes it a great entrepreneurial place to work are vastly different qualities. Offering robust benefits and high salaries is great, but creating an environment that encourages teamwork and creativity is usually more important for growing businesses. For talented employees all over the region, the ability to help build something and watch their efforts directly contribute to the success of a company is an enticing offer. Personal growth, freedom of expression, recognition of talent, and having ownership over what they do every day carries a high value for many workers and proves to help smaller, independent companies compete for talent with the big businesses offering big compensation.

These 10 companies take culture seriously and it is paying off, not only by attracting and retaining employees, but by the growth their businesses have achieved. The founders of these companies share some of the ways they have created a great company to work for, and why they are glad they did.

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