Data Center Performance Management Leader Nlyte Software Completes 2009 with Record Growth

Revenues Increase 130%; DCPM Emerges as Essential Solution for Lowering Costs, Improving Data Center Efficiencies

MENLO PARK, California, Feb 23, 2010 – nlyte Software, the leader in Data Center Performance Management (DCPM) solutions, today announced record results for calendar year 2009. Riding the wave of data center consolidation and migration, combined with the need to control spiraling energy costs, nlyte Software accelerated new customer acquisition, driving the company to a record 130% year-over-year increase in overall revenue.

In 2009, the company brought on a new executive team, headed by Business Objects founder and Silicon Valley legend Bernard Liautaud (chairman) and 12-year senior executive of Business Objects Jon Temple (president and CEO). Formerly known as Global Data Center Management (GDCM), the company re-launched in August as nlyte Software, and moved its headquarters from the United Kingdom to Silicon Valley, where it can take advantage of its proximity to the biggest IT market in the world.

“At a time when many companies are fortunate to report any growth at all, the market has confirmed that our vision is in lock-step with customer plans and requirements,” said Temple. “Satisfying demands to better manage physical capacities in the data center, we enable our customers to optimize data center resources and thereby improve financial and operational performance. Our tremendous growth in both revenue and licenses highlights our success in delivering the products and services required to address these growing customer challenges.”

The company’s DCPM suite also received accolades from customers worldwide. “In today’s cost and environmentally conscious world, organizations are looking for cost-effective, reliable and secure datacenter solutions, and nlyte is helping us to enhance the datacenter services we offer to our customers,” said Simon Brickett, Head of Datacentre Managed Services for Computacenter. “The nlyte solution, with its advanced visualization capabilities and real-time environment, will enable us to further improve the management of our data center estate and more accurately forecast and plan for growing demand.”

During its record-setting year, nlyte Software achieved several significant milestones that both contributed to and confirmed its leadership in the rapidly growing DCPM market. Chief among these were:

  • securing an $8 million dollar investment from Ruffer, LLP, one of the UK’s leading providers of discretionary wealth management services. The investment has helped to further expand global operations in order to support the company’s aggressive growth plans.
  • expanding the Americas and EMEA operations by adding Cory Phillips and Simon Webster as Vice President and General Manager of Americas and EMEA operations, respectively. They bring decades of experience in enterprise software and have a proven track record in executive management overseeing sales, pre-sales, customer services, and field marketing functions.
  • introducing the first fully integrated, fully functional DCPM suite, nlyte 5.2. The nlyte 5.2 solution is based on a set of best practice processes encapsulated in the DCPM Process Cycle. This Process Cycle uses six steps (Discover, Visualize, Model, Control, Report and Predict) to automatically discover data center assets, visualize where the assets are, model and control changes, report on the results and predict future capacities.
  • creating an office of Sustainable IT, headed by VP and co-founder Robert Neave, to continue the company’s position as a global pioneer of Green IT initiatives, in both the US and EMEA, designed to advance energy efficiency in data centers and reduce the carbon footprint of information technology in the enterprise.
  • and, continuing to expand the global partner ecosystem with technology partners like BMC and Hitachi Data Systems, as well as numerous resellers and services partners such as RightStar Systems, DaMan, IIS Group, RockFish Tek, APW President Systems and MAZCO, to name a few.

Additional market recognition recently was expressed in a Forrester Research report, which said, “Today, it has become apparent that IT and facilities must coordinate processes for provisioning and decommissioning systems, as well as more complex processes like capacity planning” (Put Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Into Your Automation Plans, December 9, 2009).

With its unique prediction capability, nlyte allows enterprises to make better forecasting decisions, recover lost capacity, and control power consumption. Reflecting that approach, the Forrester report observed that “vendors like nlyte Software use information about IT assets maintained by your IT processes to predict when additional capacity will be required.”

About nlyte
nlyte Software is the leading provider of Data Center Performance Management (DCPM) and Green IT solutions. Founded by data center management professionals in 2003, the company created nlyte, a performance management suite for improving the efficiency and management of data center assets and physical infrastructure. nlyte Software provides a complete solution for DCPM, combining next generation software, proven best practices, and unsurpassed expertise in data center operations. Information is available at