Environmental Monitoring: Rethink Your Data Center Strategy

Data Center Post

By Staff

David Schirmacher, chief strategy officer for FieldView Solutions (www.fieldviewsolutions.com), says:

While managing a data center operation has always been a complex proposition, over the past several years we have seen a real shift in the operational dynamic. Unprecedented growth in data processing requirements and evolving IT hardware technologies along with updated environmental criteria are forcing organizations to rethink their data center strategy. Rapidly increasing capital, operational, and energy expense are driving the industry to create the metrics necessary to quantify, and ultimately drive performance.

Industry organizations such as the 7×24 Exchange, ASHRAE, The Green Grid, and the Uptime Institute continue to both enhance and expand the metrics necessary to measure performance. Metrics such as PUE, DCIE, CUE, WUE, RCI, etc. are becoming part of the vernacular. ASHRAE is about to release the 3rd revision of their TC9.9 data center environmental standard. This revision broadens the permitted environmental criteria allowing operators more flexibility in configuring their mechanical systems to achieve increased energy efficiency, and in some instances, increased capacity. It will also address the increasingly common use of 100% air side economization. Inadequate environmental monitoring will make it difficult to fully measure performance and validate the effectiveness of implementing many of the recently defined best practices.

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