FieldView Solutions Partners with Wireless Sensor Maker

Agreement will deliver data center monitoring faster, easier

 May 25,  2010 – Edison, NJ – FieldView Solutions today announced a strategic partnership with a wireless sensor manufacturer.

FieldView, an enterprise-ready software tool that drives optimization of space and energy usage in today’s most complex data center environments, signed the OEM agreement with the maker of wireless temperature and humidity sensors to deliver a non-proprietary, wireless solution to clients in a timely manner.

“It’s really the next logical step,” said Fred Dirla, Chief Executive Officer of FieldView Solutions. “FieldView has been delivering real-time views into every aspect of a data center operation, in a user-friendly, easy-to-read form for quite some time now. FieldView is a vendor neutral platform, so it seamlessly communicates with whatever systems the client is already using, regardless of manufacturer or communications protocols. To deliver this information in a wire-free manner just makes it that much easier and more convenient for the end user. Just another value-added service we can provide.”

FieldView Solutions’ core platform makes it possible for data center managers, IT personnel, facilities managers and even C-level executives to instantly see how their critical environments are performing. Every aspect of data center operations from the IT device and rack through the power and cooling infrastructure is instantly accessible. The powerful metrics and reporting engine provides real-time information that allows data center operators to optimize rack/room space utilization, energy efficiency, and infrastructure resiliency.

The digital, battery-operated sensors are easy and inexpensive to install, since electricians and conduit are no longer needed. They’re also simple to reposition, reliable and highly efficient, eliminating the need for field surveys.

FieldView partners with several industry leaders in the hardware business, to bring economies of scale and efficiencies to end users. These two companies have been working together in an informal manner to serve their clients better for years.

Before this agreement, implementation might have taken up to six weeks. Now, through the partnership, a client can have wireless sensors delivered in less than a week in most cases.

“Then it’s up to them,” added Mr. Dirla. “Clients can install the sensors themselves, or we’ll be happy to do it for them.”

About FieldView Solutions
FieldView was formed late last year, when the intellectual property rights to the platform were acquired. With the full support of venture capital partners, SJF Ventures, Milestone Venture Partners and Osage Partners, FieldView Solutions is well positioned to meet both the challenge of ever increasing data center industry growth and the requirement for innovative solutions that drive operational efficiency and performance.

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