Nlyte Identifies Top Data Center Infrastructure Management Trends For 2013

DCIM Industry Leader Predicts CxOs Will See Data Center Management As Key to Enterprise Amplification

Menlo Park, Calif. – December 13, 2012 – Nlyte Software, the leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), has identified the top trends for the data center and DCIM in 2013.  The company sees the data center significantly growing in importance to CxOs, as their impact on the bottom line becomes more evident.

This has been a critical year for the data center.  According to a recent Forrester Research Forrsights Survey, nearly half of all enterprises in North America and Europe will set aside budgets for private cloud-related investments in 2013. As cloud computing grows exponentially, the role of the data center becomes pivotal to the success and failure of a company, evident by the Amazon outages and the impact of Hurricane Sandy.  In turn, DCIM can provide real value by helping avoid these problems to begin with, before they happen.  A well-managed data center can make the difference between minutes and hours to recovery, which can have a serious impact on the bottom line.

Earlier this year, Gartner noted in its CIO Agenda for 2012, that IT leaders needed to start thinking about using technology to “amplify” the enterprise. Gartner suggested that leaders use technology to “strengthen the customer experience and eliminate costly internal distortions.” Nlyte believes 2013 will see data center infrastructure management as a key building block to enterprise amplification.

“Our industry has matured to the point where it’s no longer a luxury to have a data center infrastructure management solution, but a must-have,” said Mark Harris, Nlyte Software’s vice president of marketing and data center strategy. “It is essential that CxOs see the strategic value of running a data center like a business unit, as it is now one of the largest line items in a company’s budget. Once the data center is tightly managed and integrated with the rest of the organization’s business infrastructure, data center managers are poised to add more value with rapidly deployed innovative projects which leverage existing investments and help move the organization forward.”

Nlyte’s predictions for the DCIM market in 2013 and beyond:

  1. DCIM will continue to build momentum, well past the curiosity stage previously seen. Funding for DCIM projects has already begun to appear and will increase rapidly in 2013 as data center managers become increasingly sophisticated about their operations, and CxOs begin to demand business acumen from their IT leaders.
  2. The DCIM market will see segmentation of vendors, those with suites and those with enhancements.  DCIM providers will become more articulate about their specific value and capabilities and customer confusion will begin to subside.
  3. Ecosystems of vendors will continue to form with purpose-built integrations of deliverable ‘out of the box’ value. Demonstrable capabilities will be paramount when selecting vendors and clear leverage of existing resources demonstrated.
  4. DCIM software pricing models will continue to be widely varied across vendors, but with well-defined capabilities being articulated, the pricing for each will be seen commensurate to the specific delivered value.
  5. Visually stunning graphics of rack elevations will be expected from all mature DCIM vendors, but actual vendor selection will be based upon business management capabilities over long periods of time.
  6. Impact Analysis, capacity planning and forecasting will be the catalysts to drive comprehensive views of all assets in mature DCIM suites.
  7. Real-Time data collection and monitoring will become a requirement for all new purchases of DCIM suites resulting from the increased usage of real-time analytics. Asset performance over time will become a critical factor in determining ongoing value.
  8. The ability to discover physical asset location (at the U level) will continue to be sought after, and new approaches will be seen using mechanical, logical and RF technologies. Complete “Smart-Racks” will appear with embedded location technology built-in which are intended to feed into existing DCIM suites.
  9. The ability to address the specific and diverse needs of IT, Facilities, Finance and Corporate Responsibility groups will become part of the buying criteria as DCIM deployments have become more strategic. Each group will stand up and be counted to assure overall alignment of the organization.
  10. DCIM solutions will be judged on their ability to be tooled into the existing business management frameworks, best practices, etc. These DCIM solutions will become instrumental in allowing data centers to become more responsive, with a self-service attitude, and an accountability like never seen before.

Mr. Harris added, “These are a few of the key trends we believe will be top of mind for 2013 within the enterprise, and discussed at length throughout the year at conferences and industry events. As the leader in the market, Nlyte is poised to lead the conversation and we look forward to engaging customers, partners, and industry peers and business partners in the discussion.”

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