nlyte Software Announces the First Fully Integrated, End-to-End DCPM Suite

nlyte® 5.2 Adds Fully Integrated and Automated Asset Discovery to Bring Game-Changing Capabilities to DataCenter Management

MENLO PARK, CALIF. – November 10, 2009 – nlyte Software, a leading provider of Data Center Performance Management (DCPM) solutions, today announced the first fully integrated and fully functional data center performance management suite.  The new 5.2 release of its flagship DCPM suite, nlyte®, brings new efficiencies to all aspects of data center management, including revolutionary new features that enables enterprises to automatically discover data center physical assets and their properties.

The introduction of nlyte 5.2’s asset discovery solution complements the existing nlyte Bulk Data Manager solution that automatically extracts asset data out of ad-hoc solutions such as spreadsheets. The nlyte Discover Module can automatically scan the data center network to discover physical assets and their properties, and automatically populates the nlyte DCPM Database.  Devices and properties captured include: manufacturer, model, serial number, operating system, IP addresses, MAC addresses, number of processors, memory installed, disk installed, network interface cards, processor information, users, software, patches plus hundreds of additional attributes. Scans can be scheduled to run periodically or manually.The nlyte Discover Module provides accurate life cycle management, reduced audit time, significantly faster implementations and most importantly shortens the time-to-value.

The nlyte solution is based on a set of best practice processes encapsulated in the DCPM Process Cycle. This Process Cycle uses six steps (Discover, Visualize, Model, Control, Report and Predict) to help data center professionals make more informed decisions for the planning and effective management of data center assets and physical infrastructure.

“We are moving into an era in which real-time, intelligent monitoring and resource management will not be an added value from specific vendors, but a fundamental part of the data center manager’s arsenal to continually improve efficiencies, especially regarding energy consumption,” said David Cappuccio, Managing Vice President, Chief of Research – Infrastructures at Gartner.

The nlyte DCPM suite is a complete data center management solution for improved business agility, from the point when goals are set through the discovery of data center assets, visualizing where the assets are, modeling and controlling changes, reporting on the results and finally predicting future capacities. The nlyte DCPM solution enables organizations to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide insight to optimize resources, and thereby improve financial and operational performance. Among these benefits, nlyte allows enterprises to make better forecasting decisions, recover lost capacity, and control power consumption. In an era of increasing concern over the cost of energy and the desire to reduce the carbon footprint, nlyte utilizes extensive modeling to assess the impact of data center changes on power consumption, cooling and space before the change is made.

In addition to the enhanced Discover capabilities, new features in nlyte 5.2 include:

Chassis Management – support for chassis assets with slots on both front and back, blade servers can be mounted in either side of the chassis and multiple assets can be mounted in chassis slots (half-length blade servers).

Workflow Management – improved business process management, which includes defining and controlling the execution of service request processes, using graphical workflow and automated execution.

Capacity Trending & Analysis – enhanced ability to forecast and predict the impact of future change on the data center’s capacities (power, cooling and space) based on historical data.

“You can’t manage what you can’t find and you can’t avoid what you can’t predict,” said Jon Temple, President and CEO of nlyte Software. “The nlyte 5.2 release is the first fully integrated, fully functional end-to-end DCPM solution that provides the insight needed for improving the efficiency and performance of the data center.  The feedback from our customers is that it is the full range of capabilities from Discover through Predict that will prove to be a game-changer in data center management.”

nlyte 5.2 and the new nlyte Discover Module are available immediately.

Register here for a company overview and demonstration of the nlyte 5.2 Data Center Performance Management Suite, scheduled for November 17, 2009 at 9:00am PST.


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