Nlyte Software Introduces Nlyte Barcode to Extend Its DCIM Suite

Provides Robust and Portable Asset Management Within the Data Center

San Mateo, Calif. – June 18, 2013 – Nlyte Software, the world’s leading software company focused on the management and optimization of data centers, today introduced Nlyte Barcode, a comprehensive barcode scanning solution purpose-built for Nlyte’s DCIM suite that supports portable on-line or off-line tracking and management of physical assets throughout their lifecycle in the data center.

A vast amount of change occurs in any common data center due to the various types of required remediation, refresh, and reconfiguration tasks. Nlyte users enjoy the management of all this change through advanced workflow and change management processes built into Nlyte’s DCIM offering. Nlyte’s new Barcode solution allows all of these changes to be managed at the location of the change itself, through the use of handheld devices.

Nlyte Barcode creates a connected entry point into the Nlyte core asset repository, which can operate in real-time when Wi-Fi is available or off-line with synchronization mode when Wi-Fi is not available. Unfortunately, there can be changes with the potential to go untracked and accounted for which don’t follow best practices.  For DCIM to be most effective, it is critically important for the asset model to be highly accurate, reflecting the precise configuration of the data center at every point in time. Nlyte Barcode handles these changes to ensure accuracy. By combining Nlyte’s DCIM Suite and the new Nlyte Barcode system, enterprises can greatly reduce the time required to install equipment, capture changes, improve management data accuracy and ultimately influence the overall data center reliability.

“Because capacity planning, impact analysis, and financial management of IT requires an accurate understanding of the data center’s underlying assets, it’s imperative that the Nlyte central repository is accurately updated in real time as soon as physical change happens,” said Robert Neave, founder and CTO of Nlyte Software.  “We find that more than 20 percent of a typical data center’s assets can be misplaced or otherwise incorrectly accounted for due to delays and other documentation challenges. Nlyte Barcode directly addresses this issue. It allows change to be documented at the time and place it occurs. It also allows audits to be conducted to ensure that the DCIM repository matches the data center itself. By taking these steps to guarantee the accuracy of a data center’s asset repository, users of Nlyte can make better decisions regarding their current and planned use of energy and capital.”

Nlyte Barcode was built with insights derived from thousands of man-hours of installation and auditing experience. It allows a user to scan an asset tag, confirm its information or add it to the Nlyte Central Repository database. Nlyte Barcode is an optional software module available to users running Nlyte DCIM software Version 6.3 or later. Nlyte Barcode requires a combination of inexpensive handheld barcode scanner in conjunction with any common tablet.

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Nlyte Barcode software is available now. For more information please email or call +1 650.642.2700.

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