Nlyte Software to License Patented Technology

The Company Will Make Its Asset Intelligent Allocation Available to the Market

Menlo Park, CA – September 27, 2012 – Nlyte Software, an industry leader in data center infrastructure management (DCIM), has invented a means to intelligently locate assets within any data center and is making this patented invention available to any vendor that is currently offering such a capability or is planning to do so within their own solutions. This technology allows a comparison of one or more data center parameters to determine the most appropriate placement of assets. As an innovator in the data center infrastructure management industry, Nlyte delivers the most advanced DCIM solutions, enabling companies to run their data centers like a business and intelligent placement is a strategic attribute of this business environment.

Nlyte wants to ensure that Enterprises are able to take advantage of this breakthrough capability without concern. To that end Nlyte has created a patent licensing program  now available to all companies that offer DCIM solutions. The company will make available its U.S. Patent No. 7,765,286, issued in 2010, entitled “Method and Apparatus for Managing Assets within a Datacenter.”  The patent covers the intelligence used for placement of assets based on available resources in the data center.  It is the company’s goal to allow any developer to have access to this technology through a simple license agreement.

“With this Patent Licensing program, we want to foster the success of the DCIM industry by enabling all users of any DCIM offering to enjoy the benefits of intelligent asset placement technology. Intelligent asset placement is essential to fully optimize the data center throughout its usable lifespan.” said Doug Sabella, CEO of Nlyte Software. “It represents an important opportunity for us to demonstrate our vision and the leadership seen in our IP, while ensuring broad market availability of the DCIM intelligence described within our U.S. Patent.”

Nlyte’s patent enables a management application to consider resource factors, such as space availability, power consumption, heat dissipation, server density and other numerous aspects, to optimize asset placement in order to run the data center as efficiently possible.  Those vendors who license the patent will be leveraging technology that facilitates the most efficient provisioning and ongoing asset management of their data center. “Our customers continue to make it very clear, that DCIM is more than documenting the data center structure, it is about leveraging the vast knowledge available and using it to make intelligent decisions throughout the lifecycle of assets,” adds Doug Sabella, Nlyte Software’s CEO.

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Nlyte Software enables companies to run their data center like a business. Nlyte’s industry-leading platform optimizes data center operations, improves governance, assures compliance and minimizes risk while reducing energy consumption and future capital expenditures. Nlyte Software is based Menlo Park, CA and London, UK with offices worldwide. For more information, please visit our website:

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