Nlyte Software Releases Nlyte 7.1 With Enhanced Features

Adds Superior Policy Management, Security, Asset Tracking and Power Chain Management

San Mateo, Calif. – October 8, 2013 – Nlyte Software, the world’s leading software company focused on the management and optimization of data centers, announced the newest release of its flagship offering, Nlyte 7.1.  This latest version adds the critically important features needed to manage the physical layer of large-scale data centers and ensuring that all data is being accurately coordinated, managed, accessed and secured.  These enhancements significantly reduce the risk of exposure to failures within their data center due to the dynamic nature of the modern data center and unauthorized access and conflicting data sources.

The most significant update in Nlyte 7.1 addresses policy management – augmenting Nlyte’s existing, robust integrations with IT service management (ITSM) frameworks such as BMC Remedy or HP’s Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB). Nlyte’s new policy enforcement mechanism assures rule-based data integrity, eliminating any possibility of duplications and/or omissions. In turn, Nlyte’s central repository maintains the most accurate representation of the asset attributes, and therefore, all other management systems and frameworks which are integrated with Nlyte, can rely on this data accuracy.

“Coordination of data sources is key. We want our customers to connect their Nlyte installation to the wealth of other available data sources and ITSM systems in the data center,” said Mark Harris, Nlyte’s Vice President of Marketing and Data Center Strategy. “DCIM becomes a much more strategic solution, as the increased levels of coordination and policy enforcement across data sources and systems ensue. With this integrated approach, comes the requirement to maintain and resolve potential data conflicts, duplications and omissions.”

This latest update also includes a tighter integration with Microsoft Active Directory to allow authentication of Nlyte users to be synchronized in a more centralized fashion. As DCIM solutions become more strategic within an organization, the number of active users grows. This update reduces the overhead associated with managing the Nlyte system by allowing real-time coordination with Microsoft Active Directory with tight controls for who can access the system.

Coordinating with their centralized Active Directory structure allows users to focus more on the data center management tasks at hand.

A number of additional enhancements have been included in Nlyte 7.1, such as enriched asset tracking and power chain management, the ability to manage virtual “asset tags” for places like rooms, pods and rows, and a significantly superior visual presentation for power chain components. This new power visualization includes rack-based PDUs in order to reduce connectivity design errors by reflecting the actual power outlet type, such as “L6” or “C20”.

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