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Leverage Your IT Investment – Connect to What You Already Have

At Nlyte Software, we realize that you have made significant investments in your data center infrastructure and the tools you need to support it. We designed Nlyte to work with your other solutions and technologies, by providing multiple options for integrating the data from these important, best-of-breed tools.

Nlyte has easy, off-the-shelf, out-of-the-box integrations – and we’re continually adding more.

Such integrations provide you cross-domain visibility, from your IT infrastructure into your physical infrastructure.

Nlyte offers Connectors for these products:

CMDB/Discovery – for bi-directional configuration item (CI) / asset information sharing and reconciliation:

Change Management – for workflow process management and communication:

Virtualization Hypervisors – for simplifying the management of physical and virtualized resources:

Sensors – tightly integrate asset location and/or environmental performance information:

Power and Rack Planning:

Power Strips:

  • Sensorium Intelligent Monitored TPT Power Strips
  • Sinetica Hawk-I 2
  • APC Power Strips
  • Eaton Powerware Genesis II, Revelation

Monitoring and Control:

  • Emerson Liebert SiteScan Web Centralized Monitoring and Control
  • Schneider Electric PowerLogic EGX Gateway