Infrastructure Connectors

Extend your data center physical infrastructure

At Nlyte Software, we realize that you have made significant investments in not only your data center infrastructure but also in your monitoring and power management systems. Nlyte believes the two need to act in concert, and as such, have developed off-the-shelf connectors that rapidly integrate them. Whether it is integration with your smart PDU power strips or a seamless integration with monitoring devices, Nlyte has the solution ready-to-go.

Environmental and Location Sensors

You can increase the intelligence and value of your Nlyte DCIM suite whether by integrating with leading asset management solutions or with any number of other remote environmental monitoring solutions. Nlyte is able to rapidly integrate and communicate with devices leveraging such industry standards as Modbus, SNMP or XML protocols.

Power Distribution

Nlyte has off-the-shelf connectors for some of the most prevalent power strips, monitoring and control devices in the industry. Data center power and cooling capacity are too expensive to waste. But server power requirements, which vary widely based on make, model, configuration, workload, and even operating temperature, make optimum usage challenging. Even in a modest data center, estimating the power needs of every device is time consuming, difficult and error prone.

Better Rack and Power Planning

  • Know where your power is going
  • Plan your data center capacity based on actual usage
  • Budget off of actual usage, not estimates
  • Deploy new servers with more confidence