Nlyte Edge Enterprise Device Management Software

A Single Pane of Glass for Enterprise Device Management

Nlyte Edge helps data center facility and IT managers connect the dots among layers of enterprise devices, by serving as the focal point to provide a single pane of glass for management of edge devices.

Nlyte Edge enables information security teams to have centralized visibility and security control across all devices in the enterprise. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for customers to pay for multiple licenses for the same capabilities.

Diagram of Nlyte Edge for enterprise device management.

Key Benefits

  • Improves device management and control of resources in remote locations by providing a holistic view of all assets from the data center out to external data rooms and beyond
  • Increases productivity while reducing cost by more efficiently coordinating personnel time
  • Enables more efficient use of devices and time for management of remote sites via enhanced reporting and insight into assets in remote locations
  • Streamlines planning of future resource needs, resulting in improved capacity management
  • Fortifies security by identifying occurrences of unplanned changes