Nlyte Machine Learning

Coming Q3, 2018
Predict the Future, Manage Today
Capture, Predict, Act

Nlyte Machine Learning, powered by IBM Watson IoT, combines Nlyte’s industry leading solution for managing workload infrastructure across the physical compute infrastructure, data centers, colocation, edge, and IoT environments, with the premier machine learning engine of IBM Watson IoT. Tightly integrated, the two enable organizations to rapidly capture, normalize and analyze large amounts of data to optimize operations and head-off potential issues and outages before they happen.

Why Nlyte Machine Learning?

It is a purpose-built framework, developed by leaders in AI and Data Center Management, IBM and Nlyte.  It addresses scale, complexity, and optimization requirements of modern data centers.  Nlyte Machine Learning is easy to adopt and leverages the data already generated by sensors, critical infrastructure, IT equipment, and applications.  There is a complete framework including data collection, patterns for predictive power and thermal, command and control actions from analytics reporting, as well as tooling for custom pattern development.


Key Use Cases

  • Predictive Power and Thermal
  • Workload/Hybrid Cloud Optimization
  • Placement Optimization
  • Multi-variate Maintenance and Failure Prediction
  • Alarm and Alert Management

See how your AI initiatives compare against other data center professionals.

(Collected from a Data Center Dynamics webinar.)

Where are you on your artificial intelligence, machine learning-enabled DCIM journey?

  • What? I’m on a journey? When did it start? 21.1%
  • We’re reading and thinking. 26.4%
  • We’re in planning now. 31.5%
  • We’re at the pilot stage. 10.5%
  • We’re ready for to roll out. 10.5%
  • We are in fully deployed nirvana and seeing the benefits roll in! 0%

What do you see as the greatest potential, greatest use case benefit to your data center(s)?

  • Energy optimization. 24.2%
  • Predictive failure and maintenance of mechanical and electrical. 31.1%
  • Workload lifecycle management and optimization. 37.9%
  • Other 6.8%

In what class of data center do you see the greatest potential advantage of machine learning enablement?

  • Legacy, on-prem enterprise 33.4%
  • Colo 16.7%
  • Cloud hyperscale 33.3%
  • Edge 0%
  • Hpc 16.6%

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