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Nlyte DCM Integrator

Comprehensive Real-Time Monitoring Powered by Intel DCM Technology

The Nlyte DCM Integrator module addresses the need for energy and power monitoring and control across a wide range of active IT and facilities devices using protocols such as IPMI and SNMP. It is based upon the Intel® Data Center Manager (DCM) SDK and brings a huge library of specific native device support for rapid deployments. It is available for purchase as an option for Nlyte’s DCIM Suite.

Supporting ALL Your IT Devices Today

With the Nlyte DCM Integrator module for Nlyte DCIM solutions, you can:

  • Manage datacenter hot spots, plan and forecast power usage and—if equipped—replace costly intelligent power strips.
  • Increase data center utilization by increasing rack density to maximize server count per rack in a fixed rack power envelope.
  • Lower outage risk associated with dynamic thermal performance based on loading.
  • Cut electricity costs by optimizing power profiles on specific workload types and applications per server/rack/floor.