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Nlyte Global Alliance partners – offering a powerful combination for clients

Nlyte Global Alliance partners join forces with Nlyte Software to deliver industry leading data center technology and solutions. Through our Global Alliance program, the industry’s foremost hardware, software and services companies team with Nlyte Software to integrate and deliver their hardware, software and services with Nlyte Software technology to co-sell and/or re-sell the combined offerings.

Today we are proud to count amongst our Global Alliance partners:


BMC, a leader in IT software, has selected Nlyte Software as its chosen partner to make the logical extension into and connection with data center infrastructure management (DCIM). BMC is a fully licensed reseller of Nlyte software and is also a member of Nlyte’s Nergize Technology Partner Program. Nlyte is both proud and excited to have a Global Alliance partnership with a fellow industry leader.

Solution-wise, together, BMC and Nlyte can optimize service performance and costs in your data center and offer the most complete solution for DCIM capacity planning. BMC-Nlyte matches compute capacity requirements at the logical and physical layer via next generation software, proven best practices, and unsurpassed expertise in data center management and IT service management.



HP, as one of the largest data center suppliers in the world, has selected Nlyte to be part of its Converged Management Consulting Services which provide consulting and implementation capabilities to manage data center infrastructure, end-to-end, from a single pane of glass. HP experts integrate IT, facility and service management based on DCIM technologies.



ABB, a leader in power-generation and power chain integration from grid to socket, has selected Nlyte as its partner for Asset & Capacity Planning within their ABB DecathlonTM Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution.


For more information on the Nlyte Partner Network, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .