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Nlyte Services Partners

Deliver and prepare a client’s environment for the Nlyte solution

Nlyte Services Partners develop Nlyte implementation expertise and/or related services to deliver complete DCIM solutions to their customers. By combining their Nlyte technology knowledge with their IT services delivery capabilities, Nlyte Services Partners can deliver complete DCIM solutions to their clients. Becoming a recognized Nlyte Services Partner increases your Data Center solutions capabilities, extends the value of your sales proposition, and increases your differentiation in the marketplace.


End to End Technology
IDMWORKS Data Center Integration Solutions team provides three core services: Pre-Migration Assessment, Site Selection and Colocation RFP Management, and Data Center Migration.
Mirapath is committed to being the leading data center and lab infrastructure solution provider. We understand that data centers and labs are complex and unique. We tackle each project to deliver problem solving solutions, bringing peace of mind and cost savings.
Our clients benefit from our high degree of specialization, experience, responsiveness and flexibility of our customized solutions. These solutions enable you to do more with less. Rely on Pinebreeze to provide vender-neutral advice and implement the leading technologies converging to form your Intelligent Data Center Management Suite!


Artesys International solutions are designed to support the complete “Engineering & Operation” phase of an asset lifecycle.
Evanssion is a value added distributor for niche & innovative software solutions for the Middle East & Africa region in the areas of Information Security & Data Centre.
Magalcom is a market leader in integrative communication, computing and security solutions and services.

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