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Nlyte Nergize Technology Partner Program

Promoting Rapid Delivery of Value for Complementary DCIM Solutions

Are you a current or prospective End-User of Nlyte's award-winning DCIM and wish to leverage ALL of your investments?
The Nlyte Nergize Technical Partner program is a fast-growing collaboration and partnering program intended to foster technical integrations amongst complementary vendors for you, so you do not have to figure out how to make things work together. Technical integration usually sounds much easier on paper than in practice, so our Nergize program works out the details and promotes these complementary solutions which are available TODAY!

Are you a complementary vendor to Nlyte and wish to participate in the Ecosystem momentum and join the Nergize program?
Join the Nlyte Nergize Technology Partner program and rapidly deliver complementary value to the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) marketplace. Nlyte technology partners can develop their products and solutions to meet Nlyte integration standards via the NgageAPI™ data services integration interface.

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Nlyte Nergize Technology Partner Program Brief

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Nergize Integrations

Gold Integrations

Nlyte certified

BMC Remedy – This integration provides users with the ability to initiate and monitor key activities related to moves, adds and changes (MAC) to physical assets in the data center.
BMC Atrium - is a bi-directional interface, where changes in the BMC Atrium CMDB are reflected in the Nlyte Performance Management Database (PMDB) and vice versa.
BMC ADDM – This integration provides automated asset reconciliation.
HP Insight Control Power Manager - This integration enables the extraction of power metrics for HP ProLiant servers using HP Insight Control software, enabling you to eliminate wasted energy.
Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring - Tightly integrated environmental performance information and asset location, critically important for data center optimization.
Sentry Power Manager (SPM) - Rack-level data center power monitoring and management.
Switched Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDUs) - The Switched CDU (a.k.a. CW) products provide the capability to securely monitor and control cabinet power remotely for a data center or remote branch office.
Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring - This integration includes the automatic discovery and monitoring of VMware virtual machines within Nlyte, enabling you to manage your VMware virtualized environment in the same way you do your other data center assets and physical infrastructure.

Silver Integrations


The Nlyte combined with Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDC CFD tools adds simulation-based cooling capacity information to the intelligent capacity planning process, enabling effective communication between IT operations and facilities engineering for managing the IT thermal environment and data center efficiency.