Nlyte On-Demand FAQ


Q. What is the lead time between purchase and access to the Nlyte On-Demand application?

A. After order is processed, an account and user environment will be provided within 48 hours.

Q. Can Nlyte On-Demand manage more than one datacenter location?

A. There are no restrictions on the number of datacenters or geographic locations.

Q. What geographies are the Nlyte On-Demand hosting centers located?

A. The United States and Europe.

Security & Access

Q. Where does data reside?

A. In a secured hosted environment at the hosting center. Each customer’s data is segregated and secured in its own VM.

Q. What browsers are supported?

A. Nlyte On-Demand will support Chrome 30, Firefox 24, and Internet Explorer 10.

Q. How is Nlyte On-Demand accessed?

A. Nlyte On-Demand is accessed via a customer login using a standard browser whereby the application is accessed through an SSL secure login.

Q. How are permissions administered?

A. Nlyte On-Demand administers permissions by the client through the administration console.


Q. Is the Nlyte On-Demand version different from the on-premise Nlyte 8 version?

A. No, Nlyte On-Demand is the same code base as Nlyte 8 product.

Q. Is it possible to try the product?

A. Yes, the Nlyte On-Demand Trial is available now at:

Q. Is real-time power data collected and are there reports on this data?

A. Yes, real time power data via SNMP polling is an add-on feature available for Nlyte-On Demand customers

Q. Does it work on both Windows and Mac?

A. Yes, both operating systems are supported. Windows 7.1 is the most current version supported. Mac OS X 10.7.5 is most current version supported.

Q. How are new devices added?

A. New devices can be added via the user interface to the Nlyte Materials Catalog. Should a new device not yet defined and thus listed within the Nlyte Materials Catalog, it can be rapidly and easily created with a minimum of effort by the end user.

Q. What modules are included?

A. Nlyte Enterprise Edition which includes Nlyte Core, Workflow Manager, Predict Capacity Manager and Nlyte Dashboard Engine are included with the On-Demand platform.

Pricing, Training, Skills, Support

Q. How will Nlyte On-Demand be priced?

A. Nlyte On-Demand will be priced per rack and sold with a minimum one year annual subscription.

Q. Is training provided?

A. Yes, online training and documentation is included with your annual subscription. See as these additional training courses can be supplemented for advance usage of the Nlyte Software Suite. An optional 3 day on-site training session is also available as uplift to the base contract.

Q. What skills are needed to use Nlyte On-Demand?

A. Nlyte On-Demand requires no special skills or tools, only the ability to use a standard web browser and familiarity of your datacenter environment.

Q. What kind of Technical Support do you provide?

A. Nlyte provides Technical Support from 8AM to 6PM Monday through Friday Local Customer Time. You will be provided contact information at time of contract signing.

Q. How do I purchase Nlyte On-Demand?

A. On Demand is a self-service application, simply go to: and submit a registration form.