Nlyte Improves your ITSM

You’ve invested a lot of time and money creating your ITSM strategy and systems. But is it enough? Many physical data center workflows occur outside the view and management of your logical ITSM ITIL processes. In order to deliver cost effective SLAs, your organization must incorporate the physical data center workflows into your logical ITSM ITIL processes. That’s where Nlyte comes in. We help you connect your ITSM and data center workflows to keep your ITSM information accurate, streamline processes, and better measure efficiency and costs.

Your ITSM systems lack many of the physical properties of assets within the data center, such as physical locations of racks, servers, or blades. You can see what assets you have, but not where they’re located, how they’re interconnected, the resources they use and their impacts on one another. Without updates to changes occurring at the physical layer, your ITSM CMDB or data center asset management system assumes assets are in a particular place even if they’ve been changed, moved, or even potentially decommissioned. The resulting incomplete and inaccurate information in your ITSM system increases business risk while also increasing the time it takes for staff to do their jobs and perform audits.

Additionally, you want your ITSM systems to have visibility on all ITIL processes that affect your ability to deliver cost effective SLAs. But when a change request goes to the data center, ITSM systems and personnel often don’t have visibility of what’s happening. Was the request received? Has it been carried out? Who has it been assigned to? How long will the change take? How does the change affect other systems? What resources will the new configuration consume?  Not only do you lack visibility, but you can’t enforce best practices or maintain consistency within the data center or across multiple data centers or rooms. How can you streamline processes when you have adisconnect?

And if you are going to deliver cost effective ITIL-based services, your ITSM systems need the ability to measure the work and activities the data center performs on behalf of the business. When your ITSM systems can’t see or measure the physical activities performed in the data center, you can’t know your true costs. How can you ensure your business runs as efficiently and effectively as possible without visibility and accurate information about who is changing assets, how they are being modified, how much time does it take, and if you have the resource capacity to run them tomorrow?

But you don’t have to stay out-of-sync and unsure of what’s happening in your data centers and rooms. Nlyte can help you extend your existing ITIL processes to connect the logical and virtual information you have in ITSM with the physical assets within your data center.  This increases the accuracy of your CMDB and asset management systems, gives you complete transparency to how IMAC (install, add, move, change) requests in the data center are handled, helps you troubleshoot incidents faster, and enables you to more accurately measure data center efficiency and the total cost of delivering services to your business.

Visit our website to learn more about how Nlyte can help your ITSM solution incorporate data center information and workflows into your ITIL processes so you can automate, streamline, manage, and measure more of your IT efforts.