Nlyte Software - The DCIM Company


Although the Nlyte Software vision is that customers will learn to implement their own data center components it is recognised that not all customers will have the resources and time to implement Nlyte themselves. Therefore, Nlyte Software can provide all of the key competences as consulting engagements through our professional services group.

Data Loading
Nlyte Software Data Manipulation Specialists will manipulate customer data supplied in MS Excel format and provide this in Nlyte bulk data manager sheet format. Nlyte Software will then load this information into the customer Nlyte database.

Nlyte Software Services Specialists will audit an agreed data center component and will deliver the audited data in Nlyte Software’s audit data sheets.

Audit Training
Nlyte Software Service Specialists will demonstrate the Nlyte audit approach and will then assist and assess customer resources in an audit of an agreed set of customer assets.


Nlyte Software Technical Consultants can install all required Nlyte components as required.