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Nlyte Software Implementation Methodology

Nlyte Software ImplementationThe Nlyte Software Implementation Methodology is composed of a number of key competence modules supported by proven project management techniques.

Our proven implementation methodology combines the key competences of Data Management (Loading and Audit), Installation and Training plus standard project management techniques to plan, report and deliver an agreed customer data center component (e.g., a data center room) into Nlyte.


Professional Services

Data Loading
Nlyte Software uses advanced tools and techniques to rapidly load a Customer’s existing electronically held asset data, reducing implementation time.

Asset data accuracy is maximised through a data center audit using Nlyte Software’s Nlyte audit approach.

Nlyte Software installs Nlyte core components, Nlyte Control and Nlyte Report as required.

Nlyte Software enable customers to acquire the necessary hands-on Nlyte skills through the provision of practical Nlyte training sessions. Nlyte Software provides Nlyte User, Nlyte Administration, Nlyte Control and Nlyte Report Training Courses.