bi-directional ITSM integration

Bi-Directional Integration with ITSM Systems

Receive full benefits of a well-integrated modern DCIM suite

Pre-built connectors to leading ITSM providers such as BMC, ServiceNow, and HPE enable you to receive full benefits of a well-integrated modern DCIM suite. This is the most effective and efficient way to close the gap between your IT and facilities management.

Bi-Directional Integration with ITSM

Key Benefits:

  • Bridge the often-overlooked divide within IT organizations
  • Enable enterprises to maintain accurate, real-time information about their IT and data center assets
  • Streamline processes and improve the measurement of data center operations for improved SLA delivery
  • Connect to ITSM leaders: BMC, ServiceNow, HPE, among others
  • Increase accuracy of changes occurring on the data center floor
  • Measure true variable costs of assets and true cost of service
  • Increase insight and value provided by ITSM solutions
  • Better control of what’s happening in the data center
  • Increase agility in responding to the needs of the business

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