Data Center Capacity Planning Software for Sales Enablement

Global dashboard

Global dashboard (1 of 3 screenshots)

Data center separated into zones for each tenant.

Data Center separated into zones for each tenant (2 of 3 screenshots)

Detailed power system view.

Detailed power system view (3 of 3 screenshots)

Importance to Colocation

  • Proactive vs reactive contingency planning for tenants’ capacity utilization
  • Accurate data center lifespan prediction to assess when you need additional capacity
  • Identify more sellable space and offer differentiating services to tenants
  • Avoid capital expenditure on unnecessary or premature expansion

As the old saying goes, you cannot manage what you can’t track. And you can’t sell what you can’t track.

The crucial first step is to determine your capacity utilization and find out what gaps exist between your current state and where you want it to be. By doing this and by matching your capacity with tenant growth needs, you can better tailor your colocation sales plans.

This also allows you to plan ahead and offer “pay as you go” to tenants who prefer to pay for more space as their needs grow.

On the flip side, this reduces your capital expenditure when you don’t need to buy up extra space when you don’t need it.