Discovery, Migration and Consolidations

Asset management down to panel details (1of 2 screenshots)

Power, cooling and space utilization report (2 of 2 screenshots)

Importance to Colocation

  • Command high-level and drill-down views of capacity for accurate decisions on migration and consolidation
  • Ability to forecast excess or shortage of space through discovery
  • Ability to plan in advance for strategic migration and consolidation based on accurate historical and real-time data

Real-time, granular monitoring right down to the outlet allows the user to discover stranded physical capacity and power that can be sold, to increase revenue and delay plant expansion.

25% more space discovered after implementation is not uncommon. Additionally, the sales team is empowered with up-to-the-minute capacity availability reports, and the ability to reserve space for growing or potential tenants.

Start optimizing your colocation data centers by migrating assets and potentially consolidating space/racks