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Comply with Impending Legislation

As businesses and public sector organizations incorporate sustainability into their operations through “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) initiatives, they are looking to reduce energy usage, recycle, and reduce their overall environmental impact in areas such as printing, employee commuting levels, and even IT operations – especially the data center. For example, many organizations have already embraced virtualized data centers to increase server utilization, as well as embarked on replacing old IT infrastructure with energy-efficient, recyclable infrastructures.

Green IT supports all of these priorities and can ultimately boost the bottom line – particularly when you focus on “greening” your data centers. Historically, companies have deployed one server per application, which has driven rapid data center growth and increased data center complexity, management costs, and power demands. About 40% of total data center costs are energy related, so reducing power usage by even a small percentage can result in substantial cost savings. Power is needed to not only run data center devices, but also to cool them.  According to the IDC, “Air conditioners, power converters and transmission use almost half of the electricity in the datacenter, and IDC estimates that data centre energy cost will be higher than equipment costs by 2015.”

What does this mean for your business?  If your company can become more energy efficient through green IT initiatives and comply with legislation (e.g., UK Carbon Reduction Commitment), you can cut your energy costs, carbon footprint and achieve significant bottom-line savings. Looking ahead, every percent decrease in your power usage will likely result in even higher savings and competitiveness, as all evidence points to the formation of a perfect storm on the energy front that threatens the sustainability of nearly every business and public sector organization dependent on its data centers.

By investing in an innovative DCIM solution within your data centers, you can leap-frog ahead of your competitors in terms of your ability to realize the significant cost savings that Green IT can deliver.

The Nlyte DCIM solution cuts power expenses by up to 20% annually and reduces power usage effectiveness (PUE) to 2.0 or less by:

  • Identifying and removing orphaned servers that waste power, cooling and space
  • Modeling data center configuration to identify and eliminate hotspots and effectively use power capacity
  • Tracking PUE from a single dashboard

Contact Nlyte Software to learn more about how the Nlyte DCIM suite can help you green your data center by reducing PUE and carbon emissions.