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Improve Operational Excellence

In years past, data center managers were told that response time, system availability and uptime were the most important metrics for measuring data center performance.  This resulted in a trend for over-engineering data center facilities to insure that these key metrics were met or exceeded.  Unfortunately, yesterday’s solutions are now today’s problems, and with power costs at an all-time high and a heightened awareness of the impact of data center energy usage on the environment, improved operation excellence has never been a bigger concern for data center managers across the globe.

The Nlyte DCIM suite provides management control of moves, adds and changes, and the predictive intelligence to make more accurate capacity planning decisions.  The result is a smarter, more efficient and highly available data center.

The Nlyte DCIM solution improves operational excellence and optimizes power, cooling and space by:

  • Automating what-if analysis and intelligent capacity planning to optimize utilization of power, cooling  and space
  • Improving MAC processes which reduces time and cost for planned maintenance by 60%
  • Reducing unplanned downtime and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) by 50%

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