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Reduce Unplanned Downtime in Your Data Center

75% of downtime results from human error (The 451 Group Uptime Institute, June 2011), which is due to a lack of accurate information that leads to an increased chance of error and downtime.  At the same time, data center availability has become essential to many companies whose customers rely on access to a variety of these applications.  This increased reliance on IT systems has forced an even stronger connection between data center availability and total cost of ownership (TCO). A single downtime event now has the potential to significantly impact the profitability of a company.

To fix this problem, IT and facilities professionals need solutions and processes designed specifically to effectively manage the huge inventory of physical assets and to optimize the use of power, cooling and space of the modern data center infrastructure.  Companies are now making the transition from generic tools to purpose built software called data center infrastructure management (DCIM).

The Nlyte DCIM solution decreases the business risk and expense caused by downtime and catastrophic failure by up to 50% by:

  • Improving the visibility into the exact location and status of  data center assets, which cuts unplanned downtime and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) by 50%
  • Controlling the move, add, change (MAC) process and capacity utilization, which reduces the potential for future failures

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