Tech Refresh

Data Center Technology Refresh cycles are undermanaged and costing you money.

Nlyte DCIM helps Technology Refresh

You know that keeping old servers and equipment around is not in your data center’s best interest. But it can be difficult to decommission and replace the equipment in place. Where are the old servers? What’s running on each server? How do I coordinate the receipt of the new equipment?

Nlyte data center infrastructure management (DCIM) can help coordinate equipment installations, moves, adds and changes throughout their lifecycle to help you optimize your data center, keeping it agile.

Why is Technology Refresh Important?

There are several problems with old equipment running in your data center. Aging equipment is much more likely to break down, needing more technical support, increasing risk of downtime and reducing agility. Also, older equipment is much less efficient, wasting power and money.

For example, when comparing a 3-year-old server to a 7-year-old server, the older server:

  • Costs six times more in IT support
  • Is six times more likely to fail
  • Causes 12 times more downtime

A recent study uncovered the fact that on average 61% of servers are 4-7 years old, at which point they start to become inefficient. And 30% of those servers are classified as obsolete and no longer under warranty. Also, 19-24% of servers are classified as “Zombies” – they consume power, emit heat, but don’t contribute to the IT workload. The study also revealed that 75% of enterprise data centers don’t have accurate records for at least 25% of their IT assets.

IDC research indicates the costs associated with extending the life cycle of servers beyond three years are higher than the costs to refresh.

How Can You Refresh Tech Safely?

With Nlyte’s Asset Management, managers know where equipment is, what it’s doing, and where it is in its lifecycle. Nlyte gives users the visibility they need to track an asset from when it’s received on the loading dock, to the moment it is ready for retirement. We call this tracking from “Dock to Decom.”

Empowered by this reliable information from Nlyte, a data center manager can embark on a tech refresh with confidence, and keep the data center up-to-date, efficient, agile and can cut the risk of catastrophic failure.