virtual PDU

Virtual Power Distribution Unit (V-PDU)

Access vital information about data center power consumption at a fraction of the price

Virtualization has saved organizations billions of dollars by allowing them to partition and host servers without expanding their hardware footprint. Nlyte is now delivering the same benefits used by IT into the facilities world with the virtual PDU (V-PDU).

With our new virtual power distribution unit (V-PDU) capabilities, Nlyte is enabling enterprises to access vital information about data center power consumption at a fraction of the price, similar to the benefits from virtualization. In fact, the Nlyte V-PDU offers equivalent capabilities and functionality as the hardware based PDU’s at up to 90 percent cost savings over installing hardware-based PDU’s. And this is only a start.

Virtual power distribution unit (V-PDU)

Key Benefits:

  • Increase accuracy of changes occurring on the data center floor
  • Measure true variable cost of assets and true cost of service
  • Increase insight and value provided by ITSM solutions
  • Better control of what’s happening in the data center
  • Increase agility in responding to the needs of the business