Nlyte Data Centre Infrastructure Management

Automated processes, procedures and creates connections

The complexity of managing a very dynamic environment with people, buildings, energy networks, hardware, software and business processes makes it difficult to operate a data Centre efficiently and is a challenge. It can only be mastered with the optimal mix of low cost resources (equipment, space and energy), high efficiency and a flexible team.

Nlyte DCIM solves your Data Centre challenges

Capacity constraints in your data Centre can strain your budget. Manual stand-alone solutions such as spreadsheets, CAD and Visio drawings weigh down your team because there is little room for flexibility and no automation. You must respond to the needs of your business around the clock – sometimes even anticipate issues.

The nlyte solution

The nlyte DCIM solution automates the management of processes, policies and dependencies and structured IT tasks in the data Centre:

  • Capacity Planning – Optimizes the use of your resources, space and energy
  • Asset Management – Where are assets located where and when will an update or upgrade be required? Optimize the life cycle of your assets.
  • Reporting – Automate the data acquisition and evaluation of your data Centre operation.
  • Monitoring – Capture and analyze real-time data from PDUs, buildings, the environment and alarms.
  • Connection Management – Prevent unplanned downtime due to human error by reliably representing and managing power and networks.
  • Workflow-Management – Enable personnel to perform their jobs more efficiently and faster.
  • Virtualization Integration – Hypervisor interfaces with VMware, Microsoft and Citrix connect your virtual systems with the physical and logical layers.
  • CMDB Integration – interfaces to BMC, HP and ServiceNow synchronize data on the configuration items.
  • Change Management Integration – interfaces to BMC, HP and ServiceNow centralize management of workflow processes and synchronize changes.