Why Should Nlyte Be Your DCIM Software Vendor?

Market Leadership, Innovative Proven Solution, Modern Flexible Architecture and Certified Secure

Nlyte is the only leading software vendor who is singularly dedicated to providing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions. In business for more than 13 years, Nlyte’s ninth generation of technology is used by some of the largest and most sophisticated data centers in the world. Certified to 150,000 racks and servers, Nlyte’s proven DCIM solution is built on an advanced, robust modern architecture and is trusted in data centers in more than 35 countries. As a result, Nlyte is proud to have an unprecedented 98 percent customer retention rate.

Nlyte remains the only DCIM vendor to have earned the Veracode VerAfied status, a certification by an independent entity for security standards that ranks Nlyte’s solutions with one of the highest levels of software assurance and security verification. The VerAfied status demonstrates Nlyte’s commitment to best security development practices to protect critical data center information.

About Nlyte Software: The Leading DCIM Software Provider

DCIM Market Leader

Nlyte is the first DCIM leader and has the largest and most sophisticated DCIM implementations in the world. This leadership has provided a solid foundation for our expansion into Data Center Service Management (DCSM).

Nlyte ensures your success today while increasing your DCIM deployment value for tomorrow:

  • First company with a modern DCIM solution
  • Sole focus has been DCIM software – for over 13 years
  • On 9th generation of technology
  • Largest and most sophisticated data center deployments in the industry – see our customers
  • More assets and racks under management worldwide than any other DCIM solution
  • Proven methodology throughout customer lifecycle for ensured success
  • 98% annual customer retention

Innovative Proven Solution

Nlyte was the first to deliver the industry’s benchmark for DCIM, which has become the foundation for the next evolution of our state-of-the-art solution.

Nlyte provides a comprehensive commercially proven and secure solution that not only supports all data center workflows and dependencies but also extends its top benefits across pre-built connectors to satisfy your integration needs.

Nlyte maximizes the use of and ROI from your DCIM investment:

  • Product suite built by data center managers for data center managers
  • Extensive ecosystem for prebuilt infrastructure integrations – energy, environmentals and asset location
  • Easy to use tools which ensure integrity of loaded data
  • Robust workflow that seamlessly integrates with your mission critical ITSM systems
  • Built-in real-time data collection for power
  • Patented resource optimization technology / asset placement for capacity planning
  • Easy to deploy, easy to use
  • Modular design for phased approach
  • Proven solution supports the entire asset lifecycle, from “Dock to Decom”
  • Out-of-the box dashboards and reports built by data center managers
  • Proven solution – mission critical for many customers

“Nlyte’s suite of DCIM solutions gives us the ability to streamline management of our current six data centers, as well as the insight into how to maximize our space and resources as we consolidate these into two locations.”

Brian Desberg
Director of Enterprise Data Center, Sutter Health

Modern Flexible Architecture

Nlyte runs on a modern architecture to scale and easily integrate with your existing data center processes and systems.

Easily scale and integrate solutions for maximum value and lowest TCO

  • Modern openweb-based architecture, integrates into IT and FM
  • Lean performance-based intelligent design to support hyperscale – (see our case study)
  • No hardware, no agents
  • All functionality can be exposed via web API
  • Web services, user-configurable communication-oriented framework for external integrations
  • Prebuilt ITSM connectors
  • Powerful and flexible business intelligence engine for dashboards and reports
  • Powerful and flexible workflow engine
  • On-premise, SaaS, on-demand and hyperscale solutions

“A selling point of Nlyte was the off-the-shelf integrations with some products that we already have, and with some that we don’t currently have, but are beginning to realize that we need as a large enterprise organization. What Nlyte has done is provide us with the push of  – we need to stop doing it the old way and start doing it a better way.”

Sean Hendershot
Manager, Data Center Ops, IT Infrastructure Division, Canon USA