10 Steps to a Successful DCIM Deployment

By now most data center operators are well aware of the benefits and value Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software offers in ensuring operating at peak capacity, while increasing uptime and reducing risk. However, installation of a DCIM... Read More
10 Steps to a Successful DCIM Deployment

What is DCEP Certification?

What is DCEP Certification? The answer is, “Data Center Energy Practitioner Certification.” DCEP Certification is a program developed through a cooperative effort between the data center industry and the Department of Energy (DOE) aimed at... Read More
dcep certificate

Getting Started with DCIM

Getting started with a DCIM solution can be intimidating. Some Data Center managers may wonder: How much will deploying a DCIM solution upset the day-to-day operations of my facility? Do I have the expertise to... Read More
dcim for dummies