Nite Orugbo

Nite Orugbo is the financial controller for Nlyte Software. Nite has worked for Nlyte Software since 2007, both in the UK office and, now currently, in the US head office. She is responsible for the preparation as well as the monitoring and reporting of the company’s financial performances. Nite has over 20 years of financial and accounting experience.

Nite has a proven track record of leading teams in developing a solid commercial understanding of the business’s goals and then working closely with their operational and commercial teams to ensure objectives are achieved. She oversees the finance team and confirms that they are immersed in the day to day operations, which further drives success and guides the business toward future growth.

Prior to Nlyte Software, Nite was an accountant for Robert West, a consulting firm of civil and structural engineers and transport planners in the UK.

Nite holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy from the UK and is an affiliate of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).