Asset Explorer For Nlyte DCIM Automation

Automation for a Continuously Aware Data Center

In the light of ever shrinking budgets, lack of qualified help, and increasing demand for higher performance and tighter SLA’s your only choice is to automate.

  • Eliminate manual efforts thus improving efficiency and accuracy of a work order
  • Accelerate the initial implementation or expansion of DCIM with auto-discovery and auto-loading of asset data
  • Accurate capacity planning and improved resource utilization resulting from more and current asset data
  • Improve and increase SLAs and Support responsiveness by reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) and root cause analysis (RCA) metrics
  • Enhance the reconciliation framework with richer and more accurate data to eliminate security threats, identify out of sync processes, and remove ghost/zombie equipment


Asset Explorer Benefits

Are these challenges you face?

  • Users bypass Change Management controls
  • Network connections are not automatically documented and fully Up-to-date
  • There is uncertainty regarding capacity for many new installs
  • Adherence to workorder workflow is random and/or incomplete
  • Other platforms besides Linux are introduced to the Data Center
  • Audits require time consuming and error prone human involvement

Nlyte Continuing Commitment:

  • Automating and simplifying the management of the compute infrastructure – Data Center, Private Cloud, Colocation, and Edge
  • Introduce new automation enhancements, enrichen existing functionality, and deepen connection between products to further increase ROI on your DCIM implementation
  • Expand Technology Asset Management solution and integration with DCIM

Key Use Cases

Automating Port to Port Connections Mapping
Auto-loading Data into Nlyte DCIM (NAO)
Continuously Aware Data Center
  • Automate discovery and mapping at 20% the cost network infrastructure-mapping tool
  • Diagnose manual audit mapping errors
  • Provide visual mapping to network teams


  • Significantly reduces the collection and loading of asset data into a new DCIM or Data Center implementation
  • Reduce fear of unknown or missing assets
  • Improves Service and Lifecycle management
  • Auto-discovery of all IP based assets
  • Asset reconciliation, find assets, update their current attributes, and create new assets in the DCIM asset database
  • Map current network port to asset port relationships
  • Near real-time event update helps identify security risks and improve Service Desk work order SLA’s including assets that are not matched or excluded, that have not been scanned recently, or not matched
  • Parent-child relationship mapping – chassis, server, blades, switches, module, and VM’s
  • Plug and play for real-time power monitoring, power strips and sensors

How Asset Explorer for Nlyte DCIM Works

  • Provides near real-time transactional updates from Asset Explorer to NAO library
  • Supports all major protocols and proprietary protocols
  • Reconciliation between Asset Explorer discovery and NAO is based on:
    • Weighted-Scoring
    • Aliasing
  • Set it and forget it! Once set up Asset Explorer and NAO communicate seamlessly
  • NAO’s asset sub-status becomes based on status in Asset Explorer
  • Discover and inventory
    • Servers, including network cards
    • Software (OS, Applications)
    • Asset location and activation
    • Network devices

Nlyte is continuously working to improve communication between its product as well as IT and Business Intelligence systems in your environment. Nlyte solutions deliver the broadest, widest, most cost-effective compute infrastructure and asset management tools on the market. As Nlyte’s solution is your single source of truth, we also want to be your single source of asset management technology.

Location Graphic

Trusted Source of Truth

You can’t manage and protect what you don’t know you have. Nlyte Asset Explorer is a comprehensive enterprise software solution that automatically collects detailed information about every device connected to the network. The solution includes all the tools and technology to visualize the results of the discovered inventory of hardware, its configuration attributes, services/processes, and application.

Asset Explorer is an agentless automated discovery of hardware and software solution including data center, facility, desktops, and IoT devices. It provides a detailed Inventory of all asset attributes and reconciliation across IT and business systems. Asset Explorer is lightweight and low impact on the network (less than 0.1% of a 10baseT).