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Incomplete or Out of Sync Asset Information – No More!

CMDB Integration:
Your ITSM systems lack many of the physical properties of assets within the data center, such as physical locations of racks, servers, or blades. You can see what assets you have, but not where they’re located, how they’re interconnected, the resources they use and their impacts on one another. Without updates to changes occurring at the physical layer, your ITSM CMDB or asset lifecycle management system assumes assets are in a particular place even if they’ve been changed, moved, or even potentially decommissioned. The resulting incomplete and inaccurate information in your ITSM system increases business risk while also increasing the time it takes for staff to do their jobs and perform audits.


  • Improve compliance, understand assets location, who, what, and when modified
  • Reduce risk to services with detailed visual installation instructions
  • Clear visualization of CI’s, data center locations, physical relationships and constraints
  • Capture more asset information, ensures accuracy of the data center information
  • Reduce time to conduct audits – provides a single source of truth
  • Enable CMDB to remain accurate even as changes are occurring in the data center
  • Enrich capacity planning by linking physical capacity to computing capacity
  • Identify the impacts of IT changes before implementation


  • Automation of physical assets to CI reconciliation
  • Bidirectional base population
  • Visibility of physical connectivity dependencies
  • Location validation
  • Near real-time virtual to physical dependency mapping

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