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Virtualization Connectors

The Nlyte Virtualization Connector enables users to manage their IT infrastructure more dynamically than ever. The connector provides automatic discovery and monitoring of each hypervisor’s virtual machines, with a single view across all physical and virtual servers and machines. In addition, application relationship changes that occur in each hypervisor are automatically updated in Nlyte. The automation that takes place continuously in the background brings more value and visibility to business groups and support teams, across the virtual assets, which could affect the application running. With direct integration between Nlyte and your change management systems, your visibility is extended across both physical and virtual resources.


  • Reduced complexity and cost of managing a virtualized data center
  • Increased control and optimization of both physical and virtual resources
  • Eliminate multiple management systems and manual processes to coordinate views
  • Clear identification of Guests & Hosts during outages
  • Assurance affected applications have contingency plans during outages
  • Reduced risk during moves, adds and decommissions
  • Reduced MTTR by identifying rack location of physical server the host is running on
  • Synchronized real-time application relationship changes in the hypervisor


  • Automatic discovery and real-time monitoring of virtual machines
  • Monitoring of hypervisors to identify range of virtual machine events updates
  • Up-to-date information on application relationship changes is automatically updated
  • Reports for physical and virtual resources relationships by business group/organization
  • Ability to connect Clusters and Hosts for each configured data center
  • Ability to deploy globally across entire organization
  • Racks, row, and pods views of physical and virtual servers
  • Continuous monitoring of hypervisors to identify a range of Virtual Machine events updates Nlyte accordingly

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