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DCOI For Dummies

DCOI for Dummies describes the US Federal DCOI (Data Center Optimization Initiative) is and what data center professionals need to do to comply with the requirements. It also outlines the characteristics you should look for when evaluating the offerings of vendors who want to assist you in meeting the goals set out by the DCOI.

How DCOI defines a data center

The way the DCOI defines a data center may be different from the way most people think of data centers. According to the DCOI, a data center is any room that contains at least one server, regardless of how it is being used. Rooms containing only switching and routing gear or security hardware are not considered data centers, only rooms with servers. The DCOI recognizes two types of data centers, tiered and non‐tiered. A tiered data center is one that has separate space for IT infrastructure, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, an independent cooling system and a backup generator. Any other kind of room with servers is considered a non‐tiered data center.