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Nlyte is the leader in Data Center and Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management providing extensive support and integration for ServiceNow customers. Nlyte’s deep integration with ServiceNow ITSM products extend visibility, improve accuracy, and add rich audit and workflow capabilities for its customers.

Nlyte’s Asset Sync framework for ServiceNow CMDB

The Nlyte connector bi-directionally synchronizes CI/asset attribute data between the Nlyte Central Repository and the ServiceNow CMDB. Nlyte Asset Sync for ServiceNow Configuration Management can augment the existing data in the ServiceNow CMDB with new physical layer CI information, and vice versa. The result is enriched, accurate asset data that can help in planning, managing and optimizing your data center. The Nlyte DCIM solution maintains a wealth of CI detail related to each device’s physical resource requirements that are otherwise unavailable to traditional users of ServiceNow’s CMDB.

Nlyte Workflow Framework for ServiceNow Change Management and Service Requests

Nlyte Change Management Connector for ServiceNow allows Nlyte users to readily implement a ServiceNow process step directly into an Nlyte user-defined workflow. Such a process step can relay each of the Change Management request types and can trigger the next process in the workflow based on anyof out-of-the-box or user-defined statuses. In short:

  • Change requests (CRQs) for the data center are created and driven by Nlyte
  • CRQ information gets passed to ServiceNow triggering the change management process
  • Nlyte subsequently and continually polls ServiceNow Change and Release Management looking for progress on the CRQ before moving onto the next step in the Nlyte workflow

Nlyte’s Asset Explorer Discovery for Service Now CMDB

Nlyte’s Connector for ServiceNow Inventory leverages the next generation discovery and business logic engine in Asset Explore a Technology Asset Management solution from Nlyte.  Its agentless approach can identify any hardware, software, or IoT device connected on your network and subnetworks, anywhere.  It collects the broadest asset inventory, identifying hundreds of attributes, regardless of vendor, technology, or protocols, from the most economical platform on the market.

  • Automatically discovers any asset on the network
  • Asset data is synchronized to ServiceNow Asset Management system and then to the CMDB
  • No protocol or platform restrictions
  • No agents