Nlyte Colocation Solution

You Get More Capacity, Customers Get More Assurance

Nlyte’s DCIM solution for colocation, hosting, or managed cloud providers benefits both the hosting company and its tenants. With real-time monitoring the provider is empowered to discover stranded data center power and space capacity to sell for added revenue, while tenants enjoy transparency into their own usage information.


How Nlyte Colocation Helps Tenants and Providers

Nlyte Colocation benefits Tenants…

  • Safely view power, space, capacity and usage information, without compromising the security of other tenants
  • Accurate billing based on actual power usage
  • Provides proof of SLA compliance

…and Providers

  • Services create a differentiator in a competitive colocation market
  • Locate and sell stranded capacity for increased revenue
  • Enables risk reduction and power savings
  • Easily deliver detailed SLA reporting
  • Provide tenants individual, secure access to their information
  • Separate the facilities into zones for individual tracking and accurate billing

Key Features

Workflow Management
Cooling Management
Power Monitoring
Capacity Planning
Migrations and Consolidations
SLA Management
  • Enhance colocation operation coordinating resources where and when needed
  • Increase planning accuracies and minimize human errors
  • Aid contingency planning by pre-establishing chain of command in case of emergency
  • View real-time and trending performance
  • Plan future energy needs more accurately
  • Reduce costs by optimizing temperature and balancing load
  • Prevent overheating and resulting damages to equipment and facilities
  • Monitor power usage and detect anomalies in usage patterns, (for chargeback)
  • Proactively prevent energy issues before they happen to tenants
  • Ensure redundancy and increase uptime
  • Identify unused power infrastructure to avoid waste with VPDU
  • Proactive contingency planning for tenants’ capacity utilization
  • Accurate data center capacity lifespan prediction
  • Identify more sellable space and offer differentiating services to tenants
  • Avoid capital expenditure on unnecessary or premature expansion
  • Accurate decisions on migration and consolidation with high-level and drill-down views of capacity
  • Forecast excess or shortage of space
  • Advanced planning for migration and consolidation based on historical and real-time data
  • Accurate and customizable usage reports for tenant billing and reduced disputes
  • Pass DCIM savings to colocation tenants
  • Zoning by cage, location…etc.
  • Management tools to monitor power, cooling, and other metrics for service agreement reporting
  • Ensure SLA compliance and regulatory demands with uptime and status reports, logs and aggregation tools
  • Provide tenants alerts whenever nearing power or space limits

Nlyte Connector for

  • Enables Colocation providers’ sales organizations to seamlessly book and manage customer reservation of available resources directly from their workspace.
  • Nlyte’s Asset Optimizer maintains up to date inventory of power, space, and networking assets.
  • The connector allows sales teams to see availability, reserve resources, and avoid overbooking leveraging Nlyte’s capacity planning and workflow functions.
  • Sales teams can now provide expansion services faster accommodating customers urgent needs.

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